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Your investment will vary, of course, as it reflects your  own individual needs and tastes. But to give you an idea, here is a quick guideline from our experience.

A family, for a session and finished prints will likely invest several hundred dollars or if they chose to have a wall portrait; easily over a thousand.

For Children alone your investment will be between a few hundred and several hundred; or if a wall portrait is chosen, it’s not unusual to be over a thousand.

During our personal consultation where we discuss your dreams and needs, we make a plan that reflects your desires and your budget comfort.


Session Fees at our STUDIO or GROUNDS or nearby location
FChildBamily                       350
Extended  Family    350
Children                    150
(Finished prints are priced individually)

Adventure Session Fees ANYWHERE; includes a variety of groupings and settings
Family or Couple or Children        500
Extended Family                              750
(Requires advance deposit)(Additional fee for more than one hour of travel each way)
(Finished prints are priced individually)


Commercial Headshots
CorpPrice2Head and Shoulders; Includes several expressions and poses to choose from.
One digital image artfully retouched              295


Expanded Commercial Session
CorpPriceCan include head & shoulders, ¾ poses, full length and indoor/outdoor.
Two digital images artfully retouched           600

Office staff or location setting, please call for quote.
(finished prints are priced individually)



Luxury Prints

We custom make every (Giclée) print IN-HOUSE in order to personally apply our long-time experience to discerning color balance, saturation, contrast, density, texture and final mounting.

During the planning session and again at the selections session, we offer professional guidance on appropriate sizes for your needs.


Art Portraits for the Wall

Custom Printing

The “Art Portrait” is enhanced by expert hand-printing to optimize color, contrast and density.

Hand Finishing

To perfect the portrait and achieve a most natural, lifelike radiance, dyes and oils are applied in the traditional way; by hand!

Classic Mounting

For the final touch: the image is embedded into a cloth painter’s canvas which adds depth and texture; then sealed in a lacquer glaze for lifelong protection. Ready to frame!

Sizing for Art Portraits


Beautiful as strong focal points that serve as anchors for the room. Can include more environment in the portrait.

40×60 ~ 5545

36×48 ~ 4905



Very popular for family group portraits; often displayed in the main living area where they can be viewed from the kitchen and family room. Also lovely over a formal fireplace.

30×40 ~ 3395

28×36 ~ 2855



These can go just about anywhere; often over a buffet, in an entryway, in a bedroom, or a library or office wall.

 24×30 ~ 2455

22×28 ~ 2155

20×24 ~ 1855



Great over a small table or a small dividing wall or grouped together on a larger wall. Usually used for portraits of smaller groups (fewer people in portrait) so the sizes of the subjects are big enough to be easily appreciated.

18×22 ~ 1495

16×20 ~ 1245

14×18 ~   995

12×16 ~   885



“Gallery” sizes (above 40×60). These are spectacular in more expansive spaces; especially impressive for portraits with a lot of atmosphere.

Prices by Quote.



Table Top, Library and Office Sizes

Also great for gift-giving!


These prints are produced with the same craftsmanship as the “Art Portraits” above; but instead of cloth canvas, they are mounted to a sturdy artboard, then lacquered for protection from dust, fingerprints, and moisture. Ready to frame!


12×16 ~ 785

11×14 ~ 625

9×12 ~ 455



8×10         ~ 345

5×7/6×8 ~ 265



Special Pricing for duplicate images, and our policy for delivering digital images are discussed during our pre-portrait consultation.