What We Do


We are camera artists who bring out the best in people; producing timeless pieces that memorialize your greatest treasure – your family!


This is a no-charge introductory discussion at which we become acquainted and exchange creative ideas at our studio in Bellevue. We love getting to know you!

Indoors or out, at our studio or another location that reflects your individual lifestyle and family dynamics, a session is never rushed. Never! We are there to relax and enjoy your family. Once you are relaxed and comfortable, it will be so easy for you to look natural, you will love your portraits!

Several days after the portrait session, you return to our studio in Bellevue to preview the projected images, choose your favorites, and select appropriate sizes.

We perfect all the images selected, just as portrait photographers have done since the inception of the art!
Then we make the individual custom prints to our own strict specifications.
On the larger pieces we add dyes and oils by hand and embed the image into a painter’s canvas for added depth, texture and durability.
The result is always a beautiful tribute to your family that you will be proud to feature in your home,
and enjoy for a lifetime!

How to prepare for your Portrait Session

We know your concerns

How do we get everyone together?
and to look good? – and to cooperate?
What shall we wear?
How do we decide when? and where?
What are the options? and cost?

We can help! – with a Portrait Consultation

The very best way to explore the possibilities and be informed is to commit a little time to visit us at the studio – Husband and Wife – so that we can all make a plan together, to balance the desired finished results, with the effort, time and expense involved.

Experiencing the consultation will take away the stress and worry and make the whole process easy!

You will feel comfortable, have fun and look great!


ProcessFam 001The Portrait Session – What is it like?

We all have the same goal: for you to love your portraits!
The whole process is made to meet that success enjoyably with as little effort as possible.  With the consultation ahead of time, plenty of communication and planning, we expect to earn your trust so you can be relaxed and confident that you will look your best!


How do I know I will look my best?
It’s not about the camera but about people.  We interact with you so your family is responding to a person, not a machine.  That’s how timeless expressions are made.
You can’t see yourself, so you can’t be responsible for how you look; we are!  There has been plenty of prep to this point.  Now you can look your best by simply responding.
We can see you.  We are deciding lighting, angle, etc… but mostly, timing for when you are responding warmly.

We give a family talk at the beginning of your portrait session.  We ask that you not answer for your children or look to make sure they are doing as we instruct.  Be patient in their responding to us.  That’s how we make such wonderful portraits of children and families.

Subject and photographer~ we make it happen together.


Time and Place?
Together we settle on the best location and best time of day for your family.  We plan for up to two hours to be set aside for families.  The idea is to build comfort and a variety of ideas while not tiring or dragging on~ just the right amount of time to be productive, enjoyable and fun.  A variety of moods can be achieved at our studio, your home, or any other location, from the city to the mountains.  Through communication and planning we determine together the look and feeling to create.

Once the time and effort has been made to get together in the perfect place at the perfect time with the perfect clothes and perfect people, it’s worth a bit more effort to capture several different relationships.  Ahead of time we discuss priorities but beyond that there are easily hidden gems that might not have been thought of.
You will love your portraits!

“It’s easy!”


YOUR PORTRAIT SOURCE                                                  FINISHED PIECES

•    Families small and large                                                    Canvas wall portraiture

•    Infants and children of all ages                                        Intimate sizes

•    High school seniors                                                            Gift sizes

•    Portraits for business                                                         Lifelong family albums

•    Commercial settings                                                           Portrait Christmas cards

•    Office staff                                                                            Digital images for social media

•    Actors, models “headshots”                                              Gift certificates

•    Website images                                                                   WE CAN HELP WITH…

•    Anniversaries                                                                      Personalized settings and themes

•    Engagement and bridal                                                     Wardrobe selections

•    Weddings                                                                             Integration with your interior design

•    Special occasions                                                                Custom framing

•    Pets                                                                                        Hanging your portraits

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed                                           A Legacy of Lasting Value